Monday, November 26, 2012

Otherside - Tutorial

I promised a tutorial of one of my images. Kirsten Weiss commented on my last post and I picked her proposal and thought to make a tutorial on Otherside -image. I will try to make a tutorial on my photo Purple Haze also, but at the moment I don't know when it will be available.

So lets get started.

These kind of night shots are not possible if there is no fog. For this photo, I searched for a perspective to hide the streetlights which are in background to make it look more ethereal. After finding a spot I shot this with settings: ISO 100, f2.8 13 sec. If you want to make these kind of adjustments you should take the picture in RAW -file format.

The original file looked like this:
I made basic adjustments to bring back some detail in the dark areas. I also applied Split Toning to make the colors more like how I saw them.

After adding some detail in the dark areas, I applied two Graduated Filter sliders to boost up the exposure even more in the darker areas of the image. After this I opened the image in Photoshop.

I boosted the blue and greens in the image with Curves adjustment layer. For this image it looked a bit heavy in the colors.

I merged the layers and added a Hue&Saturation adjustment layer and reduced the saturation with -12. I also edited the saturation for yellow with +5.

Added Vignetting with the Brush tool (with black and opacity 10%) in different layer with Multiply -blending mode. In the image Layer 4.

This is when I felt like the image was ready to be published.
Hope you like it and thanks for viewing.

Here is the final image.


  1. Thanks for sharing the process.

  2. good job. you have sharpened your image quite hard. Especially branches are looking much better after doing it.

  3. Actually I do this always when resizing to web: Unsharp Mask, Amount: 50, Radius: 1,0 and Threshold: 0. In those preview screen captures the file size is over 4500 px on the longest side, so it looks quite soft.

    Thanks, glad if this helped.

  4. Inspired by your work: