Friday, April 12, 2013

New website & Blog

Hey everyone.
I have decided to start a new blog after I released the new website at:

Thanks for following me here, hope to see you at my new web blog also! :)

- Mikko


  1. The website looks amazing! I love that your photos take up the whole page, giving focus to what you do. It was a great idea to list where your works have been published as well as listing the other social media platforms where you can be found. I wish you could have shown pictures of the publications, but it's still a great site otherwise.

    -Sage Aumick

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  3. What’s very interesting in your website is that it has a lot of tabs that your visitors can open, and every page will surprise you with a huge photo covering the entire page. This website is well-thought-out, particularly when it comes to the navigation system. I like your website. Good job! #Nathanial Heim