Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 - In Pictures

It's time to look back of the year 2012. Lots of things happened. I managed to rumble to the Open Photo Contest Finals with two of my images and was featured in Yahoo and This Is Colossal-blog.

I see there was a cap in taking photos past year.. And that was because I was moving like hell the whole summer. I had no time to take pictures or anything really. I'm really pleased of what I could come up with so little amount of photo trips.

I hope to be more creative in the next year.

Here are few of my favorites from 2012.

Night Glow - Uusimaa, Finland, January 2012

Cold - Kanta-Häme Finland, February 2012

Children Story - Kanta-Häme Finland, February 2012

Still Standing - Satakunta Finland, April 2012

Alone - Kanta-Häme Finland, August 2012
Endless Night - Satakunta Finland, October 2012

Lonely Days -  Kanta-Häme Finland, August 2012

Move On - Tuusulanjärvi Finland, November 2012

Strange ways - Uusimaa Finland, November 2012

Hypnotic - Uusimaa Finland, November 2012

Never ending story - Tuusulanjärvi Finland, November 2012

Purple Haze, published 2012

I hope a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. Mahtavaa! Sinun kuvat paranevat vuodesta vuoteen.

  2. Woow! Your work is amazing! I really love your pictures. What editing program do you use? PhotoShop is kinda expensive, so I'm trying to find out what other prgms there are...

  3. Stunning. Really love cold, endless night, hypnotic and purple haze.

  4. Nice work Mikko. It has been a great year indeed...

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!
    Olivia, try out Lightroom 4. It's very powerful. I use Lightroom and Photoshop for my images.

  6. Any chance these could be made into 1600x900 format? I'd love to have these images for wallpaper for my PC. They are beautiful and soooooooo cool.

  7. These are simply amazing.

    I started to think of a wall art from some of them, but i find it hard to pick a favorite.

    By any change, do you sell high quality versions if I would like to make a canvas from it?

  8. Just email me of what would you like as a canvas. mikko.lagerstedt@gmail.com

    Ryan sorry, no wallpapers here at the moment.

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