Thursday, October 25, 2012

Features and print giveaway

Hello everyone,

I was featured in This is Colossal and in PetaPixel

I'm really happy I got into these two and this is why I want to make a print giveaway for all my facebook fans. Just go to my page in facebook, like my page and like the behance post and you will have a chance in getting a print of any of my image. 


  1. Beautiful work. Came across an article about you on Congratulation on creating beautiful pieces of artwork that are being noticed by many! If I may so politely inquire, what type of equipment are you using to capture these nighttime photos?

  2. Your photography is breathtaking. I too found out about your work through a Yahoo article and I just had to come visit your page!

  3. these are very incridible :)
    awsome !