Friday, April 20, 2012

Mother Nature

Here is a quick tour how I did this image.

I got the idea from when I saw this alone house near a road I was driving. 

I did few sketches and then started on the manipulation. 

First off this was the main image I used for the base of the image.

After the base image, I searched from my archives a cloud picture and found one that I thought was right for it. I also duplicated the grass on the base image to work with the composition I had in mind.

After the start image was how I wanted, I re-arranged the colors for something more interesting, using hue & saturation and curves. I also dodged and burned the grass and deleted some of the duplicated grass. 

I then had a idea to add a tree to grow inside the house to add some drama to the image.
I found a picture of a tree from my archives and added it to the image with layer masking out the rest of the picture.

I thought the image was not complete yet so I had to add few more elements to add some depth to the image and it's idea. I had no pictures of mailbox so I had to go out and photograph a mailbox. I added also some birds to the left side of the frame.

Final color editing were mostly done in hue&saturation, I also edited the shadows and highlights with curves.

Thanks for viewing, hope this was any help to you how I made one of my first manipulated images.


  1. O my you're so good! i love all of your work!


  2. Great image! Nice of you to post the post-production, would be awesome to see more posts like this.

  3. Thanks for making this short tutorial, would love to see more as well.